: Ideal for postnatal care! Osteopathy Overview.

The majority of pregnant women who have given birth often suffer from joint-related ailments such as sciatica and pelvic dilatation.

Around 2000, osteopathic maternity care services began to be offered in osteopathic clinics across the country, with osteopathy being a typical example of such a service.

Briefly, osteopathy is a procedure invented in the USA, whereby the lymphatic flow and blood flow are simultaneously promoted through massage by an osteopath.

The good thing about osteopathy is also that the hand massage can relax muscles and joints with moderate force.
Pregnant women are not allowed to do strenuous exercise for more than 10 months, so their entire skeleton is also characterised by considerable stiffness.
Osteopathy is a procedure that is highly regarded for its ability to provide maternity care while the osteopath checks the condition of each individual and adjusts the force to the actual time.

Osteopathy is also used beyond maternity care

Maternity care for pregnant women after birth is now a very natural form of postnatal care.
Osteopathy, which spread from the USA, is the most common form of osteopathy, but this procedure is also performed by hand in osteopathic clinics outside of maternity care. Let’s take a brief look at the different situations in which it is used.

First of all, it is basically used in the orthopaedics field for arthritis and spinal cord injuries, and is often used to relieve pain in the injured area with a moderate force massage using osteopathy.
Maternity care for pregnant women, which is also the original aim of osteopathy, was later proven to be effective in treating hip dislocation and sciatica.

In addition, osteopathy is often used for TMJ arthritis and age-related frozen shoulder, and is widely used in osteopathic clinics in Japan.
In the case of maternity care, the aim is to visit the clinic twice a week to gradually relax the stiffened joints.


Osteopathy is the most common form of maternity care for pregnant women and is an orthopaedic technique invented in the USA.
Originally, it was mainly used for surgical treatment of spinal injuries, etc., and was designed to bathe the circulation of lymphatic fluid and promote blood flow.
It is mainly performed in osteopathic clinics and is now also used in maternity care and in the treatment and relief of pain in a wide range of conditions such as hip dislocation and frozen shoulder.

Osteopathic hand massage is a technique that allows for personalised treatment.