What is osteopathy in the first place?

Pregnant women are sometimes told that osteopathy can improve constipation, but do you know what osteopathy means in the first place? People have what is called a healing power, which enables the body to regain its natural functions.

Osteopathy is a medical science that makes full use of this natural healing power and leads the body to its original health, and it is said that approximately 50 million people in Europe and the USA benefit from it every year. Constipation is one of the most common problems of women, regardless of whether they are pregnant women or not, and many women suffer from constipation.

Osteopathy is said to have a wide range of indications, but it is particularly effective for chronic conditions, and chronic conditions such as constipation are more likely to improve.

In the case of pregnant women, it is recommended to choose osteopathy for constipation for the following reasons: they have a baby in the womb and using laxatives to relieve constipation may affect the foetus.

Main causes of constipation in pregnant women to know in advance

Pregnant women are said to be more prone to constipation, because during pregnancy, a substance called progesterone secreted by the placenta weakens the movement of the intestines, while at the same time water and sodium are absorbed more from the intestinal tract, which makes the stools harder.

In addition, pregnancy increases the size of the uterus, which puts pressure on the large intestine and reduces the currency of stools. Note that osteopathy is a treatment that uses the hands of the practitioner, not drugs or surgery, to restore the body to its normal state, not only the spine and pelvis, but also distortions and dysfunctions of the body.
In the case of constipation, it is characterised by such treatments as adjusting the lumbar vertebrae and sacrum to regulate autonomic disturbances and improve symptoms of constipation, restoring flexibility to the small and large intestines because they are stiff when constipation is present, relaxing excessive sympathetic nerve activity and adjusting pelvic positions.

Osteopathy is based on Oriental rather than Western medicine and is performed in osteopathic and acupuncture clinics.


Pregnant women should be aware that they are prone to constipation, and it may be helpful to refer to the reasons why they are prone to constipation, which are explained here. Osteopathic treatment is effective in alleviating symptoms. Osteopathy is a treatment using oriental medicine and is a technique that can be resolved by the skill of the practitioner, such as adjusting the position of the pelvis to the normal position and guiding autonomic nervous system disorders to a normal state.

It can relieve constipation without the use of medicines, and is a gentle therapy for both the body and the foetus, as it uses natural healing power to the maximum extent possible.